Virtual terminal Software

Virtual terminal software performs two important functions.

First, it permits you to accept and process credit card payments in a real time manner, right at your website. When your customer initiates a transaction, your web site sends credit card information to an Internet Payment Gateway/Virtual Terminal. The gateway passes the information on to the credit card processing network and then forwards the approval back to the virtual terminal in real-time. When configured properly, the entire process takes just seconds to complete.

Second, a virtual terminal can be used to perform all of the same functions of a physical credit card terminal. Through Internet access and a secure website, you'll be able to manually process credit card transactions from orders received offline, issue credits, void transactions, and view your online list of transactions, from any computer in the world.

We work with the leading Internet gateway providers listed below. To learn more about these options, click on the appropriate link(s) below:

TotalPay powered by
TotalPay Powered by Authorize.Net WebLink lets your Internet-based businesses authorize, process, and manage credit card transactions without the complicated software and hardware that is normally needed to process payments over the Web.

Verisign Payflow Link
If you process fewer than 1,000 credit card sales per month, Payflow Link is an ideal, easy to use Internet gateway that lets you complete secure automated transactions over the Internet.

Verisign Payflow Pro
If you need peak performance and the ability to completely customize Internet payment processing to your web site, then Verisign's Payflow Pro is for you.

Plug N Pay
Plug 'n Pay lets you easily set up virtually any web site to accept and verify credit card payments almost instantly