Terminal Equipment

With Total Merchant Services, you can easily reconfigure existing point-of-sale (POS) terminals to work with your new merchant account. Or, you can buy or lease new terminal equipment from the leading POS terminal manufacturers.
The T7 series POS terminals from Hypercom have recently come into widespread use because of the powerful features built in to each unit. Hypercom POS terminals use clearly marked "hot keys" that helps make them easy to use, even with complicated applications.

Because they are powerful and easy-to-use, Nurit POS terminals -- manufactured by Lipman USA -- are rapidly becoming more common in businesses across the country. Nurit terminals use a menu-driven interface that makes them very easy to operate.

A pioneer in the credit card terminal industry, Verifone's Tranz series has become the most recognizable credit card terminal in the USA today. Verifone sells more credit card and debit systems than any other manufacturer.

THALES (formerly Dassault AT)
THALES Talento EFT Terminal - “All-in One, Compact Smart Card Compatible Terminal, PIN Pad and Printer”

THALES Artema Mobile, and THALES Artema Portable - "Take the Payment Transaction to the Customer - Anytime, Anywhere!”