PC Based Software

PC ChargeTM
PC Charge is an award-winning product that helps reduce fraud losses, saves the merchant time and money, and provides powerful features and performance at the point-of-sale. Whether you are a retail or direct marketing brick-and-mortar store, mail-order/ telephone order or e-store business, PCCharge Pro is a cost-effective solution that will work for you!
Fraud Protection Plus
  • Exclusive Magnetic Strip Verification (MSV Ô ) validates the magnetic account information, by matching the embossed account number
  • CVV2 reduces chargebacks by as much as 26%, verifying that the card values on the front match those on the back of the card
  • AVS (Address Verification Services) is an industry standard known for its effectiveness in reducing loss
  • User level password protection provides controlled permissions at all levels
  • Data file encryption option allows you to encrypt and protect the consumers credit card account numbers in the database
  • Compliant with California Senate Bill 930, ensuring "secure" receipts
  • eFraud Neural Network provides the merchant with fraud risk ratings*
Credit Card Processing Features
  • New! Free Merchant Integration
  • New! Restaurant Certification with Lynk Systems, Paymentec(Gensar), Vital (VisaNet) and First Tennesee Merchant Services (FTMS)
  • Accepts all major credit cards
  • Certified with the major credit card processors
  • Split dial authorization available for Discover and American Express (available for selected processors)
  • Meets up to date compliance standard for Visa and MasterCard
  • Multiple payment types accepted: credit cards, debit cards, EBT, check verification, guarantee and check conversion!
  • Purchasing card level II
  • Customer Database with Recurring and Installment Billing allows you to schedule payment processing according to your specific business requirements
  • Real time or batch transaction processing
  • Single or multi-user
  • Unlimited merchant numbers
  • Dial and IP connectivity using SSL
  • Designed for stand-alone, client-server, or integrated solutions
  • Client software supports card readers, PIN pads and check readers
  • Robust and customizable reporting features

All of our software is upgradeable so it won't become obsolete like credit card terminals do!

System Requirements
  • PC with Windows™ 95, Windows™ 98, Windows™ NT, or Windows ™ 2000
  • 486 or higher processor
  • 15-30 MB free space of hard drive recommended
  • 16 MB minimum of RAM, 32 MB preferred
  • Hayes compatible modem (capable of 1200 BPS or less)
  • CD ROM drive
Optional Hardware
  • Track I & II card reader
  • Check Reader
  • Debit Card PIN pad
  • 16 MB minimum of RAM, 32 MB preferred
  • Windows compatible receipt printer